Sunday, October 5, 2008

Source of Manmohan Singh's 'Deep Love' for Bush

Indian politicians have condemned Manmohan Singh’s telling Bush that the people of India “deeply love” him. They should see the source of Indians’ love for the white man as I explained many months ago (see my blog titled 'Nuclear Supremacy For India Over U.S.' ) :-

“There is a basic difference between the treason of Indira, Rajiv and Vajpayee and that of Manmohan Singh. The holocaust after 1857 in which the British killed ten million Indians in the first decade to terrorize and subdue them was in large part committed with the help of Sikhs. This terrorization and subduing continued right up to the end of direct British rule, exemplified by the Sikh soldier, riding in a jeep with the British viceroy, cutting down with his submachine gun any Indian, man, woman or child, that came in view on either side of the road. The role of the Sikhs, who were originally founded to save India from foreign invaders -- the invaders were then Muslims -- reversed from 1857 on and they became a principal instrument of the British terrorization and subjugation of India. The Sikhs know how successful this terrorization and subjugation was -- it is this terrorization and subjugation because of which Indians today dare not even mention nuclear supremacy for India much less demand it -- and their role in it determines their attitude toward whites and toward Indians. This is why Manmohan Singh considers himself answerable to no one except Bush and the white man as he imposes the terrorization and subjugation of the nuclear deal on India, makes no attempt to hide his loyalty to the white man and shows open contempt for Indians…. Like Manmohan Singh and others praising British rule over India (he did that when receiving an honorary doctorate from Cambridge University; he was prime minister of India at the time), there are many Indians who praise American rule over India. Like the many Indians loyal to Queen Victoria, there are many Indians loyal to the white woman illegitimately living in the prime ministerial residence, illegitimately flying in the Air Force's special jets and giving orders to destroy India [she was treated as the empress of India even before she held any party or government post and all visiting heads of state were required to call on her at her residence; this was so even during BJP governments at the Center]. … In war, officers are under orders to execute on the spot any soldiers who are too terrorized to fight or obey orders to advance on enemy positions. … The terrorization and subjugation Indians have undergone at the hands of the British is responsible for Indians refusing to even mention, much less demand, nuclear supremacy over the United States. It is necessary to execute -- machine gun and bulldoze into trenches -- at least a few thousand such Indians, who are in key positions -- such as RAW employees, politicians and media people -- to obstruct India's nuclear supremacy (they may be terrorized or bought up or both though being bought up is greatly facilitated by being terrorized; the terror, when long standing, is usually repressed meaning unconscious and being subjugated often involves both terror and carrot but terror is the foundation of the treason of RAW employees and people such as Vajpayee and Mani Shankar Aiyar though all they may feel is love and loyalty for the white man; terror facilitates such love [emphasis added]; a former head of RAW, Vikram Sood, in a column in Hindustan Times, repeatedly quoted the white/Christian head of the missionary school he attended as the fount of all wisdom on various issues and referred to Indians as worshippers of snakes and monkeys on a Times of India blog -- I have referred in a letter below to RAW arranging for practitioners of an Indian discipline, whose understanding of gravity and inertia I called superior to that of Albert Einstein, to be physically attacked and driven away in Noida and Madhya Pradesh on the C.I.A.'s orders -- but such behavior of RAW employees, the behavior of desi people like Laloo Yadav and even thoroughly devout and traditional Indians and of all Indians in everyone's household, neighbourhood and community is profoundly determined by the terrorization and subjugation the British inflicted on Indians and this terrorization and subjugation is responsible for the fact that no Indian dares to even mention, much less demand, nuclear supremacy for India …), for India’s nuclear supremacy to go forward.”

Since I wrote the above, I have said that, instead of being machine-gunned and bulldozed into trenches, Indians in a position to obstruct India’s nuclear supremacy over the most powerful white country will be destroyed with the nuclear destruction of New Delhi (see my blog titled 'Nuclear Supremacy For India Over U.S.' ).